Vibe Check April 2023

Vibe Check April 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Vibe Check!

Another monthly blog where we share our experiences from the past month. We highlight what made it special for us. Thank you for joining us!


*sniff sniff*, I smell something REALLY good, what are you having Estelle?

On the move~

Over the past few weeks, I've had the pleasure of staying in Rotterdam with some of my closest friends. It's been a delightful experience, almost like a mini-vacation ^.^ We've been exploring some amazing restaurants and trying out delicious dishes (think of ramen, pho etc. etc.) while enjoying each other's company. In the evenings, we indulge in our shared interests, discussing manga and games, listening to music, and watching anime and Kdrama's. Overall, it's been a fantastic time spent with my dear friends. I’m going to miss this for sure! 


Jessica, are you okay?? I see some tissues!! Is it allergy season already?

Good times with an old friend! (≧ω≦)

This wednesday I was vibing with an internet friend of mine! (^▽^) We bought some manga and we went to a korean bbq for the first time! After that we went to the arcade which was really cool! We also went to the movie “Suzume” and it was really good! I almost cried and my friend cried for three times- (╥_╥) After that we went to get some bubble tea! It was such a fun day! I hope we can meet up soon again~ (≧ω≦)


wowie!! it's a new addition to the team! what did you do in your first month at kaomoji? 

a new but familiar face! :3

wow hi! this is my first monthly vibe check! (although i have made cameos before 👀) this month i started working at kaomoji and i’m really enjoying it! :)

the past month, when i was not in the office, i played Yakuza 0!!! it was my first time playing and i completely fell in love with the characters and overall story. highly recommended!! now it’s time to play the other 8 games hihi.


James?! where did you get that moustache? and why are you suddenly talking in an Italian accent? oh no, they Mario-fied him :( 

It’s a me! Mario!

i went to westfield mall in the netherlands with my lovely girlfriend! for dinner, we had some authentic dutch fries with mayo and after that we went to the cinema in the mall! we went to the new super mario bros movie and we loved it!!! i didn’t had any expectations but the movie really surprised me :) really fun and a lot of easter eggs if you are a nintendo fan!! would recommend.


Uh oh, Quentins' eyes turned square from gaming too much! What did you play Quentin?

Slay the Spire

so, I've been totally hooked on 'Slay the Spire' on my PS5 this month. It's a cool deck-building game that's, very addictive! basically, you have to ascend the spire by battling a bunch of enemies and bosses, all while fine-tuning your deck of cards. I really had to put in so many attempts to beat my first run as the Ironclad, but I've managed to rack up like 7 wins so far. Still, I have a ton to learn and! I'm so hyped to keep playing and discover new tricks and card combinations that can help me do better in the future. And with tons of characters and cards to choose from, this game has endless replay value and always keeps me on my toes. 

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Stay tuned for the adventures we encounter in next month's vibe check. :D
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