Top 3 Cool Rhythm Games

Top 3 Cool Rhythm Games

You might be thinking: what are rhythm games? Well, glad you asked! It is a genre of games where you have to press/tap a button based on the flow of the song 🎼It’s my favourite kind of game genre, which is why I wanted to share my love for them with you 🤗

Many of these games offer both single and multiplayer gameplay, where you either have to cooperate with or battle against each other. This genre of gaming first emerged in the 90s in Japan, with Dance Dance Revolution being one of the most popular releases ⬅⬇⬆➡ Nowadays, a lot of different rhythm games exist such as Guitar Hero, Taiko no Tatsujin, Osu! and Beatsaber.

Allow me to introduce you to some of my favourites!

Dancerush Stardom

This dancing game is based on the shuffle dance! Often shortened to Dansura (ダンスラ) in Japanese, this game not only requires you to step on the right rhythm, but also asks for some creativity 🕺 Dancerush first came out in 2018 and still continues to be quite popular. Even though there are only two difficulty categories (easy and normal), levels still range from 1 to 10.

Gameplay with only left and right makes it easy to interpret the dancing chart however you like. (You can even mix up which foot you use, it’s free for all 🤩) Even though shuffle dancing is normally danced to a specific type of music, Dancerush has a fun variety of music! You can find kpop, EDM, Bemani and some anime songs as well ^^Two guys playing Japanese rhythm game called Dancerush Stardom


Simply put, I would describe this game as playing piano, but you have to raise your hands up in the air as well. It is a very popular game amongst rhythm gamers and has a very dedicated fanbase as well ^^ There is a big variety in songs, differentiating between Eurobeat, J-pop, Chunithm originals, Vocaloid and many more! 🎶

There are four difficulty levels (basic, advanced, expert, master) that range from 1 until 15 and World’s End, which are rated from 1 to 5 stars. In the game, notes come in several variants: tap, hold, slide, air (up or down), flick (only for master charts) and damage (only in World’s End). The fact that your hands have to do different movements at the same time make it both challenging and fun 😉Two guys playing Japanese rhythm game calles Chunithm next to each other

In The Groove

What most of you probably know as Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is very likely actually called In The Groove (ITG). It is a dancing game that lets you press the corresponding arrows with your feet. With software that is open source (Stepmania), anyone is able to make their own variations of songs to play. There are three types of playing, stamina (songs with a lot of arrows), precision (aim for a perfect score) and technical (requires specific techniques to smoothly play). This game has the biggest level range mentioned in this blog, going from 1 until 28!! 😵

Besides the normal songs, you can also find ones with modifications (generally known as mod charts), where the possibilities are endless! From adding unreadable effects such as dis- and reappearing notes to programming whole different games into the game 🎮 Some communities have whole competitions based on these mod songs, where fans get to submit their own creations and (have others) play them.Original In The Groove rhythm game arcade machine with neon lights

I hope you learned something from this blog!
What is your favourite rhythm game?
Make sure to comment below and I might include them in a future blog o.O

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