🧬Is Needy Streamer Overload worth buying?🧬

🧬Is Needy Streamer Overload worth buying?🧬


Is Needy Streamer Overload worth buying? Find out in this blog mwhehehee.

OMGKawaiiAngel selfie

My opinion varies. It really depends how your personal mental state is and how you can handle difficult topics. If you experience bad mental health and find such topics triggering. I highly do not recommend this game. It has many quite sudden scary moments in it. But there are many reasons why I DO recommend playing it!

Needy Streamer Overload is a multi- ending visual novel indie game about a girl who goes by her online persona, OMGkawaiiAngel (short for KAngel). She wants to become the #1InternetAngel (streamer). And you play as P-chan! Short for producer-chan. You help KAngel become as popular as possible without getting off track!
Honestly when I first played the game I kinda felt inspired to become a streamer too cuz it seemed fun hihi

KAngel who’s real name is Ame-chan, is a young girl who dropped out of school and lives together with P-chan. Ame-chan’s persona, KAngel, who pretends to be cheerful, bright and sweet is quite the opposite of her irl self. Ame-chan is gloomy, judging and quite self centred. Her main goal for wanting to be a successful streamer is because her parents were neglecting her. So she wants everyone to notice her. Plus it’s a way to make money without having to face people irl. I don’t think she is necessarily a hikikomori since she does go out on outings. But I do think she dislikes people. And because of that she likes to spend most of her time inside.
What a mood tho- ( ̄ω ̄;) Plus her fashion is on point istg <33

Ame-chan being silly

Needy Streamer Overload is a physiological horror game which has a cute hyper internet core vibes to it. It has a total of 27 endings to achieve. Which can range from KAngel becoming a god. To her cucking you. All of the endings are really extreme and I love that about it. The game handles quite heavy and difficult topics but conveys them perfectly. It shows exactly how the internet can be really nice but also an absolute hell.  

Your job as P-chan is to decide Ame-chan’s daily life and help find streaming topics. You can go shopping, watch movies, play games together and some more… questionable stuff… all to find different topics to stream about and keep her mental state where you want it to be. What you decide to do throughout the day decides what streaming topics you find! So you control what kind of streamer she will be. Each ending requires you to find different streaming topics and have different mental stats so the endings are all very unique! 

I have played quite a few endings. But not all of them yet. Since some are so specific it’s really hard to achieve without a guide. But even so, I really really love it! It’s definitely one of my favourite games. First of all, it’s so pretty!! All of the graphics are so cute and yet creepy at times. I love yes yes.

Now, the question. Is Needy Streamer Overload worth buying?
Like stated in the beginning, if you are sensitive to these kinds of topics, please refrain from playing the game. But if you can handle such topics even tho your mental state is not the best. I do recommend it. Since it is really fun. But please do be aware that if you notice that you aren’t handling it well. Please just close the game and take a break.
If you are okay with such topics and feel fine yourself then I highly recommend it!! It’s a really fun game and I think it gives a really good insight into the struggles of a content creator and the struggles of mental health. Plus who doesn’t like a kawaii crazy girly hehe >w<


Overall 10/10, we bow down to the amazing KAngel

What do you think of Needy Streamer Overload? Share your opinion in the comments of this blog. We're excited to read what you think X3


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