Welcome to the monthly Vibe Check! The blog where we talk about our experiences from the past month, highlighting the things that made it special. :)


Where's Quentin?
Where'd he go?
Have you guys seen him? He left the country. :(
We somehow managed to get a hold of him, where'd you go man?
(Congratulations! You got the coolest art of this vibecheck!)

Quentin: "I went to Paris last week with my gf and it was crazy 🥴 the traffic was insane and the people where so rude. but i did see the Monalisa and the korean food was very good there! overal a 3/10 experience. OUI 🇫🇷"


James and Lish went to BELGIUM!
Only good things await right?
We got to see so many of you at the convention we were at, so nothing can go wrong!!

Oh no.

James: "Long story short, it was one the worst weekends ever. We got robbed by four people at our booth at the FACTS convention. Our entire cash register got stolen. The police caught the suspects but the thieves are denying everything. THERE IS EVEN CAMERA FOOTAGE. So the police seized our money and can’t give it to us and everything will be decided by the judge. F🙊ck thieves."


Ohno, we read about what happened just now.
That is incredibly unfortunate. :(
I really hope nothing else bad happened and you still enjoyed the con!

Oh no.

Lish: "Wow, the name of the blog is true this time. James and I got vibechecked so hard at Facts. We passed the vibecheck, Facts itself has failed tho. :( First of all the cash register being stolen (which was REALLY upsetting) and then an old white guy staring me down A LOT in a very creepy manner. I’m not kidding, day 1 alone he came by the booth at least 9 times just to stare with a :) emotion. (He didn’t even buy anything!! Or say something!! ew!!) On day TWO!!! HE SMELLED ME WHEN I ESCAPED THE BOOTH A LITTLE. I hate this, this has been THE WORST!! And security was nowhere to be found. :)"


So far, everyone has been vibechecked. :(
Did anything good happen to our interns? We really hope so!
Please give us the good news Didi!

Didi: "This month I went out to get my hair cut and dyed it purple-ish red, often went out to eat with family and friends and lastly I met my aunt’s new kitten ! Please say hello to Misu(o) !! Short for miso soup 🥣 or tiramisu 🍰 (we still haven’t decided yet but honestly either is fine haha)"


Wooh! So glad to see good news in this vibecheck!
But, there's even cooler news awaiting you!
Happy Birthday Ivy!!!!!!

Ivy: "my birthday was on the 23rd… i went bowling with some friends and got mcdonalds afterwards… :3 it wasn’t anything super special but I had a lot of fun regardless !!! 👍👍👍 :]"


Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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