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It's convention season! For the first time, Made In Asia came to the Netherlands.
Let's see what Quentin had to say about the con !👀

Quentin: "This month we went to Made In Asia Brussels and Made In Asia Gorinchem and I had sooo much fun meeting everyone! I really enjoyed talking to everyone at the stand :) Please come visit us again at our other cons!"


The big boss has taken a very well deserved break!
If you follow him, you might've seen the pictures he took there.
From what we've seen, he had some really good food!
What do you have to say, James?

James: "I went to Italy for a short vacation!!! A bit of a break between all these hectic and busy conventions :) So I had some pretty good pizza and pasta! I also did sightseeing. Beautiful country that I will definitely visit again soon!"


The hypeman is back with another story.
Instead of remodeling or construction work, he picked up.. A "gun"??
Dave, what are you planning?!

Dave: "For my girlfriends birthday (that was a month ago), we gathered some friends for a couple of rounds of lasertag! It's been about 3 years since the last time I had a game of it and it was a blast!"


Woah! It's Lishu's first time working at a booth at a convention!
Was it very different compared to being there as a cosplayer?
We'll find out here inbetween the rambling.
Wait... Are you even discussing the work at all?

Lishu: "Alright alright alright! I also went to Made In Asia Gorinchem with kaomoji! It was the very first time I was working at a booth! A lot of familiar people stopped by to talk! (and ofc shop) That certain convention, one of my favorite cosplayers ever was there as a special guest!!! I met him back in 2017 and ofc took a picture with him and aaa he did not change! (Well it's been years and maybe he looks even cooler!) Anyways, I took another two pics (1 per day) continuing the tradition. He's incredibly kind and treats everyone as a friend! I had such a good experience at the convention!!! (oh btw the cosplayer is Leon Chiro) 😳"

Eef voice: Nervous


Our lovely intern is thinking hard about what to do next.
He even applied to a university in Japan to continue his current study!!
But let's hear more from the man himself, who knows way more.
Rooting for you!

Chun: "I think I might have said it somewhere before, but I hope to go to Japan for a study exchange in December or January. Now, I got a mail few weeks ago that I have been accepted into the university that was my first choice!! So that is pretty awesome! (¬‿¬) However, the whole exchange program will be online, and Japan is still closed, so it is still not sure whether I will be able to go or not. They said if I can't enter Japan I have to do my exchange at home... If that is the case I will have to follow classes from 1 AM till 7 AM LOL Who needs sleep anyway (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜"


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