Welcome to the monthly Vibe Check! The blog where we talk about our experiences from the past month, highlighting the things that made it special. :)
Now this time, we have two new people who are going to introduce themselves <3


I... I'm hearing the year 2015 all of the sudden..
I head boss music.. Ngl, getting kind of scared.

Quentin: "this month was undertale month for me. my gf never played or watched undertale before so it was finally time for her to play! she did a true pacifist run, and afterwards we watched tons of lore videos which was loads of fun!"



Good morning boss!
You seem kind of.. Tired.
Hey, what even happened last weekend???

James: "Had an amazing time at viencon. I will be back next year!!!!!!!!!!! "



Woah cool drip you got there!
Wear that fit more often (spoiler alert, she will)
Now, what cool things happened this time?

Lish: "I organized another class reunion! I mean, this was the second one this year. What did we do this time? (Oh last time was bowling btw) We went to get Kbbq! It’s great to see them again, to see what they’re up to nowadays. The whole hangout was until late, which wasn’t the best choice as I had to work the day after.
We did find a car that had a pickle pattern on it, so ofc we took a cool pic with it!"


Welcome Didi to your first vibecheck!
Please go ahead and introduce yourself to us. (and the readers)
We'd love to know more about you! :)

Didi: "Hiya my name is Didi and I’m one of the new interns that started at Kaomoji this week ! I like to draw, watch anime, play mmorpgs such as FFXIV and multiplayer games. So far it’s been really fun, the atmosphere at the office is really chill and the people are really kind and helpful. Adjusting to the new place was easy thanks to the nice people that works here, everyday is really fun and I look forward to what we will do for the next 8 months or so ! :)"


Please welcome Ivy!
Welcome to your first vibecheck as well! :) <3
Now please tell us, wjo are you?

Ivy: "Hello!!! I am Ivy!!!!
I'm a new intern here at kaomoji :) I mostly work on graphic design and social media stuff.
It's been surprisingly easy to adjust to the job, everyone is super nice and fun to work with!
Other than that in my spare time I like to watch cringey anime, collect figures, play rhythm games and grind Touhou 15 and Persona 5 until I rage quit.
Anyway, I look forward to working here for the next 8~ or so months!"

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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