Vibe Check April 2021

Vibe Check April 2021

Welcome to the monthly Vibe Check! The segment where we talk about our experiences from the past month, highlighting the things that made it special!

Last month was a big one: First up, a new member has joined the fray!
Lishu started her internship in early April, joining us as an artist for our social media and more!
We also released a new shirt for April Fools, prepared ourselves for the Miku Expo 2021 items and the restock of the Kaomoji Classics, and held a Discord event!

Now for the main segment. Here's what we did in our spare time in April:


Breaking Bad is a show that everyone should know.
In one sentence, it's about the cancer-diagnosed chemistry teacher Walter White and his former student turned meth cook Jesse Pinkman, who partner up to create and sell the best meth around.
The show ran from 2008 to 2013, ending up with a total of five seasons and 62 episodes. It became remarkably successful, many critics listing it as one of the best, if not the best show to exist. Definitely a must-watch!
Its success even led to two spin-offs: A prequel series starring the lawyer Saul Goodman, and a movie continuing the story of Walter's cooking partner Jesse Pinkman.

Wesley: "This month I decided to rewatch Breaking Bad! The last time I watched it was about 7-8 years ago, and back then I only got to the start of season 3. This meant there was still a lot that was new to me watching it this time around. I finally decided it was time to return to it and I've been enjoying it a lot!"


This month, Quentin spent most of his spare time in Spiral Knights!
Spiral Knights is an MMO co-op third-person top-down action game released on April 4, 2011, and it's still going today! It's got a very cute and charming style, and fun gameplay that you can't find anywhere else.
Join a party of four, explore the randomly-generated clockworks and defeat the enemies with your swords, guns, or bombs!

Quentin: "This month I played a ton of Spiral Knights! I have been playing this game since 2011 so it's a childhood favourite of mine.
I manage a guild that helps out new players which is something I enjoy doing most in this game!"


Boba tea is something we all enjoy very much here at the office, but James' love for it is on another level!
Last month, James really went out of his way to sate his craving for boba tea, hitting up various shops and seeing which ones are the best. He even treated us to some boba tea at the office!

James: "This month I had a big craving for boba, lol. Here are some of my favourite boba places and their drinks that I can recommend.

Tea Guys Amsterdam: Mango Cream Cheese
Tea Up Rotterdam: Strawberry Matcha
&tea Yucha: Peachy Runaway
Chun Amsterdam: Brown Sugar Milk Tea and Strawberry Matcha!!"


Dave's been trying out a new game this month: No Man's Sky!
You might have heard of this game's rocky start, but they've been working very hard on improvement ever since and for that they definitely earn some respect!
You start right after a crash-landing on an unfamiliar planet. By mining, hunting and trading you can eventually build a base, fix your ship, and start exploring the galaxy!

Dave: "One of my friends gifted me this game and it's been the most relaxing fun I've had in quite some time. It's like Minecraft but slower and more peaceful."


Just like Quentin last month, Lishu's topic of choice for this month is Attack on Titan! With the first half of the final season behind us, the wait for the second part (airing in early 2022) has begun!
Being an artist, Lishu felt inspired to try and emulate the manga/anime's unique art style.

Lishu: "This month I've been focused solely on Attack On Titan. Back in 2013, around the time the first season aired, I was immediately hooked! The fandom died a little bit because of the long gaps between the airing, but I'm glad to see them all return for The Final Season.
I'm currently teaching myself the anime and manga's art styles to show my love with my own character. It's a difficult process, but very rewarding!"

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we inspired you to check out something new. Stay tuned for next month's issue!

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