Kaomoji’s 2020 recap

Kaomoji’s 2020 recap

2020 is coming to an end (finally). What a year it was.. It was a strange year for us and most likely for you as well. So we’d like to take a quick moment to reflect on everything that will go in the kaomoji history books this year.


Last September it was our fifth anniversary! The amount of support we have received from you guys the past couple of years is amazing, so it was great to show you our progress. Because we’re always trying to come up with the next big thing for you guys. Everything we do, we do with our fans in mind. So we hope you’ll stick around for many more years!

Team changes

Our team expanded and changed in the past year, which is an exciting thing!

Quentin joined us last January as a creative officer. He manages the social media, marketing, photography, he helps with the designs and guides the interns.

Wesley joined us as a full time logistic employee. He’s going to write our blogs in the future and he manages the Discord server.

Also, our intern Fragmantiq is almost done with his internship. Over the past few months he has helped us with creating content and supporting Quentin in the creative process.

New collections

What’s a year at kaomoji without new collections? This year we’ve launched some new collections which received a lot of love from our fans. Not only that, we’ve also had some amazing reactions to the announcement that we’re teaming up with Kizuna AI for another new collection! More about that you can read here.


We’ve also recently launched our own Discord server! Here you can meet other kaomoji fans and interact with them and us. Want to know more about what makes it so special? Read more about our Discord server here.

New year, new us

And lastly, we have some exciting news. We’re in the process of renewing our website. We want to make sure your shopping experience is even better, so behind the scenes a lot is going on to improve our store! We hope to welcome you to our new website soon!

We want to thank you for all of your support during this strange year. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are now! We wish you all a very happy and healthy 2021 and we hope to see you again soon!

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