Interview with our intern, Lizie!

Interview with our intern, Lizie!

We have to say goodbye to both our interns right now. :(
They have supported us since February until the end of this month.
We'll miss them dearly.
We'll always remember you two!
Let's introduce the second intern of the year, Lizie!


So Lizie, first up, let’s introduce yourself to the people who don’t know. 👀
Hi, my name is Lizie and uhm.. I'm 22 and... uh... I don't want a basic introduction but right now I can't think of anything... oh, yes of course. I am in the second year of Communication and Oriental language at the University of Applied Sciences in Zuyd. I also cosplay tho! I've been a cosplayer for over 6 years, but I'm getting poor because it's a costly hobby. I ALSO LOVE JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, SO HMU IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!

What made you choose kaomoji for your internship when you applied?
Actually, I was wondering if I wanted to apply for kaomoji or Easyfairs, but I picked Easyfairs first. Then they were interested in me but I responded like a month later. Due to my delayed response, they had enough interns and so I was no longer needed. That is why I choose kaomoji after and I am in fact much happier to be here.

Has kaomoji changed since you started your internship compared with how it was, now that it’s a year later?
As a matter of fact, my perspective on kaomoji has changed. Because I've always admired the company before, it's a little weird being here and being on the team. One reason for this is that I have known them since 2017 and I bought my first kaomoji apparel at Animecon with my birthday money. Since then, I became a fan and actively followed the kaomoji socials. Therefore, it is something that I never imagined being an intern and sitting here at kaomoji's office.

- And in what way did it have an impact on you?
The type of impact that struck me was that I never imagined it was that I could be part of the team. Not only is this a kind of flex in the Dutch cosplay and anime community, but also the learning experience. I learned how to be independent with the task work and also it made me feel more confident along the way.

What did you do before your internship here at kaomoji?
As stated previously, I am currently in my second year (almost third year!). I had never done an internship before, so I had little or no experience with this type of work. I am therefore very glad to have been given this opportunity.

How would you describe the role you had in the company?
My role was primarily communication oriented as I applied to kaomoji for marketing and communications. For my internship I wrote several newsletters and captions for posts. I have also rewritten internal documents and written corporate emails. However, sometimes I have other responsibilities. These examples would be: send orders, count inventory, do a TikTok video and create Instagram posts. The roles were very interesting and it was such an honor for me to be here and to be in a position to help the team.

What is your best memory working for kaomoji, during this year-long internship?
There were many memorable moments and I have a hard time choosing just one. Each day was very fun! I don't want to go through them all, but I can tell you what I did one hour ago: Quentin, Lish and l were decorating James' birthday cake. He will be arriving tomorrow and we quickly bought him a cake. We also purchased cake markers and drew bizarre figures on the cake. It looked chaotic, but also very funny and it had kind of a meaning to it. Some were inside the jokes that were made in the office and some were simply ridiculous. Who would have expected me to decorate a meme cake during my internship? Not me tho. This interview was written yesterday! He loved the cake a lot!

And what is your worst memory? (is it the escape room by any chance?)
Well... look, I didn't mind doing TikToks but the only requirement would be for Lish or Alice to participate as well. Unfortunately, they wouldn't do the Tiktok at the end. One day, ONE DAY, Allishzie (Alice+Lish+Lizie) will come together to make a TikTok together!

What is the thing you’re the proudest of that you achieved during your time here?
It is difficult for me to point to something in particular that I am most proud of. In fact, I am happy with the overall experience of kaomoji. Every day in the office was actually quite entertaining and memorable. I was glad to be here and to be of assistance to them. It sounds cheesy, but each person's teamwork and team atmosphere inspired me to work harder. Which is why I'm proud of everyone, not just myself.

What are your plans for the future?
Listen, I'm just figuring it out as I go along. No need to worry about it... (That's what I always tell myself, however I overthink 24/7 and don't know what I should do in my life)

Alright, let’s wrap this up. Thank you for your hard work Lizie!
Thank you all for the amazing time here! I will always visit you guys at conventions, so my presence will never disappear!

Thank you for your incredibly hard work and the many laughs, Lizie!
We'll def see you around in the discord!

Speaking of Discord, you can join right in!
Click here ;)

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