Dave's last interview :(

Dave's last interview :(

The end is near for one of our interns!
He has been here for an entire year, instead of just an intern, he truly felt like one of our cool coworkers.
Dave, you brought a lot of good things to the office, thank you!

So Dave, first up, let’s reintroduce yourself to the people who don’t know.
I’m Dave, a 22 year old webdesign student who loves to play videogames, work out with the boys and just vibe. I live in a small town with my parents and drive the coolest hatchback around.

What made you choose kaomoji for your internship when you applied?
So Frag, the last intern and good friend, told me to apply here because he said it was pretty chill, so I kinda applied as a joke but ended up getting the internship so I just went with it. I knew the brand before but it wasn’t my intention to apply for kaomoji just because it was kaomoji.

What made you choose to stay here for the second internship?
James offered if I wanted to stay and help with some bigger projects he had planned for the second half of the year and it sounded pretty interesting, also saved me from having to look for another internship.

Has kaomoji changed since you started your internship compared with how it was, now that it’s a year later?
It definitely changed, I feel like we’re doing things much faster and more consistently now and the website got some serious upgrades, including the new worldwide store!

- And in what way did it have an impact on you?
I feel like I learned a lot on how work is in the real world rather than the books college gives me. I learned a lot about social media, photography and video editing. Managing the website also taught me a lot about trying out stuff before making a final decision and putting it live.

What did you do before your internship here at kaomoji? (Not required if you answered this during your introduction)
Before my internship I sat at home and “ENJOYED” online college for four days a week. The 5th day I worked in a warehouse, when I’m done I’ll continue there. BC of the pandemic I didn’t do much else tbh.

How would you describe the role you had in the company?
In my first internship I just helped with the social media content creation, but now my role is basically webmaster.

What is your best memory working for kaomoji, during this year-long internship?
The most fun was going to Phantasialand with the crew, definitely my new favorite amusement park. And the best memory of work was designing Restock with James. Glad to see it was one of our best selling items.

And what is your worst memory?
tiktok tiktok tiktok tiktok tiktok tiktok. Now I’m not camera shy but man making tiktoks was something else…… Alas it was part of the job so we went with it.

What is the thing you’re the proudest of that you achieved during your time here? (It could be about the company or about a personal goal)
I didn’t really set any goals for myself, not because I didn’t wanna learn but because I didn’t really know what exactly I wanted to learn. However looking back I’m definitely satisfied with what I’ve learned so far and I had a lot of fun doing it!

What are your plans for the future?
I currently have no plans set in stone. Gonna finish my college and see what the future holds for me, maybe I’ll start working here idk. I have a couple companies I’m gonna visit to see if something happens but that’s about it.

Alright, let’s wrap this up. Thank you for your hard work Dave!

Ty for having me for a year, it was a lot of fun working in a young environment with people that have similar interests. It was also a vibe with the community, sadly I missed conventions with kaomoji since covid lmao but maybe one day. Overall good internship and recommend the place to inspiring students!

Thank you for the hard work Dave!
We'll def see you around in the discord!

Speaking of Discord, you can join right in!
Click here ;)

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