Behind the scenes of the new site

Behind the scenes of the new site

It’s been planned for a while, but the new site is finally here! Hopefully it’s been to your liking so far. We wanted to give you an insight on some of the steps we took to get to this point, since there’s quite a lot that goes into making a site like this!

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First off, planning. We did this quite a while before even starting work on the site itself. The way we handled it was by writing down every single step we needed to take, and arranging them in a logical order. We also made a sitemap with every single page we needed to move to the new site. All this gave us a very clear and concrete way to handle things.

When the store theme was chosen and we decided to go through with the switch, it was time to transfer our old data. Though things were mostly intact, the products were in need of an update. We made new descriptions for each product, and reviewed some information behind the scenes (like tariff numbers) to make sure shipping goes without any hassle.

We also spent a lot of time on transferring the pages. Some were a simple matter of copying and pasting, but the more complicated pages like collections took a lot of effort! Hopefully you like the pages just as much as we do, so we can rest easy knowing that all our hard work paid off!

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At this point there were only a few steps left. Setting up payment & shipping methods and testing those rigorously (pictured above), transferring the domain, and backing up our old site just in case. Unfortunately the site was down for a few days while we were waiting on SSL authentication, but once that was fixed we were live!

What do you think of the new site? We’d love to hear any feedback you have!
Leave a comment, DM us on socials or send us a mail at and let us know!

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