3 anime that made Chun go cry ಥ_ಥ

3 anime that made Chun go cry ಥ_ಥ

Yahallo! I just got back from Made in Asia Brussels and directly got behind the computer bringing you this blog with three drama anime that you definitely should have seen! First up, what makes a drama anime a good drama anime? For me, it is when you can relate with the emotions the characters are feeling, giving you goosebumps at times, and even making you cry even though you don’t want to!

In this blog I shall write about three absolutely heartbreaking and tearjerking anime, without going too much in depth, so you can see, and hopefully feel for yourself!


Clannad (Afterstory)

The first one coming up is Clannad! (and Afterstory, which is the sequel) Clannad is set in high school and revolves around Tomoya, who doesn’t care about anything related to school and just goes about his own way. However, one day, on his way to school (whilst he hates to go, he still prefers the school over his own house, because he isn’t on good terms with his dad), he meets Nagisa. Nagisa is a student who has to redo her final year, because she has missed too many classes due to an illness. This encounter changed the lifes for both Tomoya and Nagisa. The rollercoaster of emotions that follow from this encounter is really heartfelt. Themes like friendship and family are really important in this anime. The Afterstory builds upon these themes even more. This sequal is set when Tomoya and Nagisa are grown into young adults. They are living their merry lives and everything is fine, till it is not…

Clannad Afterstory is rated in the top 10 of drama anime by My Anime List users, and there is a good reason for that! Many, many tears have been shed worldwide over this anime, and I am guilty for this as well!


Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

(on a side note, this might be the longest name of an anime that I know 👀)

This anime, better known as Anohana, is about a group of friends, who are drifting apart after the death of one of their childhood friends (Menma). This anime has quite the similarity with Clannad in that the main character, Jinta, is someone who doesn’t attend school. He ended up this way because he was not able to forgive himself for something he did to one of his childhood friends. One day, however, this deceased friend appears right in front on Jinta. At first, Jinta thinks he has gone delusional for being a shut-in too long. However, the deceased friend is really there! She tells him that she still has unfinished business in this world, so she can’t go on to the afterlife. She can’t seem to remember what it is that she has to do and asks Jinta to help her wish come true. Jinta has no clue whatsoever what it might be that Menma has to do in order to find her peace.

Jinta then approaches his former friends saying that he is looking for something that fulfills Menma wish. However, he is the only one who can see Menma, so his friends think that he still can’t get over the death of Menma. Jinta nonetheless managed to convince his friends to help him and Menma, and they grow closer to each other trying to find the one thing that grants Menmas wish…

The ending of this anime is really heartbreaking and everytime I hear that song, I can’t help but look around for the ninja’s cutting onions!!


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

The main character of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, highschooler Mirai, had a series of unfortunate events and she was really done with everything; school, her family, the city. She wished everything in the world would crumble. Not long after that, Tokyo got hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 8,0 (which is really massive) when she was taking her little brother to a robot exhibition in Odaiba. Mirai really felt regret having said those words and having to watch the city and everything else collapse in front of her eyes. The siblings are miles away from home and unable to make contact with their parents. It is right then in the midst of the chaos of the destroyed city that she missed her parents and the known environment of her home town.  Luckily for the siblings they meet a biker named Mari, who helps the siblings get back to their home town. Many things happen during their trip back home…

Whilst this last anime isn’t as popular as the former two, the impact of this anime had on me was just as big as the other two! I was a total trainwreck after all these anime. 

Thank you for reading this blog! Writing this blog really took me back to memory lane and I had goosebumps all over the place just thinking about these absolute amazing anime again. I barely broke out in tears just by reflecting on these anime. You don’t know what you have or love till you realize it is not there anymore. That is the key takeaway for all these three anime. If you plan to watch any of these shows, don’t forget your tissues!

Do you have any other dramatic anime in which you simply can’t keep your eyes dry? Let me know down in the comments!

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Oh my word. I am still searching for those ninja’s. Lol. I agree though:heartbreaking & those crazy ninja’s working hard. I have seen the first 2 movies, the 3rd one is on my to watch list. Great blog entry!

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